Friday, September 30, 2011

Annotated Table of Contents: Novels 12

Bonfire of the Vanities. Tom Wolfe. Theme of the Justice System in big cities in America. Don’t do what’s right; do what is going to make you look good in the media.

Ragtime. EL Doctorow. In this novel, Doctorow presents an impression of the ragtime era, the period before WWI. These were the “good old days.” With vivid prose and facts, Doctorow paints a picture of a raw society divided into few very rich and many poor. It was the era of immigrants, slavery in the coal mines, women without equal rights and child labor. In this novel, you will gain a realistic view of just how “good” the “old days” were.

End Zone. Don DeLillo. Novel. End Zone is a fictionalized view of a college football program: robots orchestrated by coaches to go through the motions.

Underworld. Don DeLillo. Novel. Another in the “Depressing School of Literature.” And yet,  it affirms life. It defines the people in the “Underworld,” the bottom of the social ladder, as depressed, helpless, hopeless and having no control of their lives. In other words, it’s an attitude that puts people into the dregs of society.

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