Monday, September 12, 2011

Annotated Table of Contents: Mythology

The Wonder Book for Boys and Girls. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne displays the story teller’s art. While his style is ornate, his tales of the ancient myths sound as if they have been told in a summer meadow with the children gathered round and in other comfortable settings.

 The Masks of God: Creative Mythology. Joseph Campbell. The author tries to show that our lives are controlled by mythological beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

 The New Golden Bough. Sir James George Frazer. Contains a thorough discussion of primitive superstitions. Readers will learn just how much our thoughts are controlled by ideas that go back to primitive people.

Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys: Being a Second Wonder Book. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sit back, settle in, it’s time for a story. Hawthorne tells stories to children about the ancient classical myths.

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