Friday, September 23, 2011

Annotated Table of Contents: Novels 07

Giants in the Earth. OE Rolvaag. Novel. Per Hansa, who had a vision of the settled prairie with full wheat harvests, faces the isolation of a desolate, endless, malevolent landscape with a wife, Beret, who does not share his vision, who is fearful of the environment, depressed and certain that humans living in this environment will turn into beasts.

My An'toni'a. Willa Cather. Novel. Helps the reader understand the experience of opening the American prairie to society. The joys and sorrows and burdens of being pioneers in America’s westward movement.

 Main Street. Sinclair Lewis. Novel. Lewis captures the “spirit” of small-town America—its tediousness; self-importance; endless repetition of activities, jokes and stories; conformity; and intolerance of anything that does not conform to its expectations.

Babbitt. Sinclair Lewis. Novel. Presents a portrait of George Follensbee Babbitt, a middle-aged realtor, booster, and joiner in Zenith, the Zip City.

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